Do you find yourself playing constant catch up with recruitment?

The minute you find that all your posts are finally filled, someone in your team has resigned.  You are back on the recruiting treadmill again.  So you are now devoting time to trawling through endless CVs, interviews and once hired, induction and training. All while doing your day job and your team are stretched covering the extra work.

So let’s be realistic. Recruitment is a necessary process for a growing organisation like yours.  It is great to be growing your talent from the outside world.  But how great would it be to ensure you keep your top talent the easiest way known to man?  


This is obvious, I hear you say! But do you know where to start or which steps to take so that you can guarantee that your top talent are happy and therefore at the top of their game. That’s where I can help you.  I work with top talent, specifically mums who have returned to work after maternity leave.  Their view of the world may have changed but their enthusiasm for their career is still on fire.   They have client knowledge, established relationships, industry knowledge and they provide stability to your family of employees.  If they leave because they were not understood, how damaging is this to your profit line?

I have a proven track record of engaging people.  I say this with confidence because I have never had any member of my teams leave in 17 yrs through lack of engagement.  I can help you reintegrate your newly returned staff through a return to work coaching programme.  In turn you and your organisation can keep focusing on what you do best.  Your profits are secured, your productivity is not affected and client base can still keep rising.  

The reality today

Women make up 67% of the UK workforce.  In 2012 nearly half of babies (49%, up 2% on 2008 figures) were born to women over 30, with 20% of babies being born to women over 35. (ONS, 2013).  In short, more women are having babies while they hold senior positions.

So by embracing this trend and building a program to engage your top talented mothers you’ll be on your way to achieving your goal of retaining a most important asset and in turn being allowed to concentrate on what your business does best.

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